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Inspire & Flourish Linky

1469450059So here am I am partaking in my first ever linky thanks to the beautifully organised The Less Refined Mind.

As much as I love writing my blog, I absolutely love reading other peoples. There truly aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up to date with as many as I would like to, as well as juggling daily life but here is a run down of my recent absolute favourites. Enjoy!

  • Starting with my predecessor in the comments for this linky and also a good mummy friend that I had made before this world of blogging began. May I draw your attention to Taylor-made-ramblings . One of her more recent posts A poem for my son on his second birthday absolutely stopped me in my tracks. I love writing poetry myself but could never pen anything as apt and beautiful as Rebecca. And I wasn’t alone as many commenters said it brought a tear to their eye.
  • Next is Things I’d do differently on my next pregnancy! written perfectly by Simplyamama . I love this list, and whilst I’m not presumptuous enough to think I will have another pregnancy, I hope that I shall in the future be blessed with one. When that time comes I shall have this post securely pinned to my board to refer to.
  • Although I’ve been blogging since August 2015, I’ve only recently started to take it seriously in recent months and even that’s sporadic to be perfectly honest. So blog posts like this one, Blogging:5 tips to get you started are just invaluable to me and no doubt many others. Not only that but the writer of the above post, the marvelous Plutonium Sox has created an entire blogging resource, otherwise known as my personal new bible. Here Plutonium Sox combines posts from many other bloggers, (including our very own host for this linky The Less Refined Mind) all trying to assist the rest of us in this blogging journey. I salute you!
  • I love Realsimplemama ‘s blog. In particular her posts about attachment parenting. Something hubby and I try to follow and are always eager to learn more about. I basically love all of her posts but if I have to chose a favorite it would have to be the insightful How to talk to your kids . I’m alway eager to learn new ways to communicate with George as he develops and to avoid letting the attachment parenting slip, posts like this are perfect for this.
  • My last favourite read I’d love to share with you is my newest find The Rebel Mama . One of the most entertaining posts I have read so far on the blog, reminisces back to a post made in 2013 but with current relevance…Can we just stop it already?  I agree with a lot of this but it amuses me at the same time. The blog is written by a collective of mamas but captions itself with the term “Don’t call it a mom blog”. I just love reading it.

So there you have it. I hope I have introduced you to some new fabulous and interesting reads. They have inspired me to continue with gentle and attachment parenting methods which I share with my mummy friends. Not to take life and motherhood too seriously as I am most definitely guilty of being slightly neurotic at times. To take time to create beautiful, creative pieces such as meaningful poems. And above all to never forget that there is always something to be learned no matter how much you think you already know.

Until next time…..