I’m in my early thirties. Very happily married to my childhood sweetheart. Discovering the daily joys and woes of motherhood and sharing it with you lovely lot.

A stay at home mum, my blog is a lighthearted insight into the life of my gorgeous George. I’m also the mother of one heck of an overactive imagination. Follow our crazy and honest journey through parenthood. With a little bit of what else goes on in our life included.

George is incredibly sensitive and a little too sensible for a toddler. He also appears to be marvellously intelligent, with the speech of a six year old and the ability to count from 1-10 and complete puzzles long before his peers. We are not the type to brag though, but he makes us immensely proud, and we have been actively encouraged by strangers who encounter George to take credit for his amazingness. He keeps us all entertained and whats’ more he’s a fabulous poser to keep our Instagram account thriving.

We hope you enjoy following us. All positive comments and generous shares are much appreciated.


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Life through the overactive imagination of an ordinary girl turned mummy.

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