Happy 2nd Birthday – a letter to my gorgeous George. 

A letter to my gorgeous George on your second birthday…..

How can it be that I love you even more than I did yesterday my precious gorgeous George. I look back on the days when I used to gaze at your newborn self and wonder what would become of you. What would your voice sound like? What kind of personality would you have? Would you love everything me and Daddy love? Well now two years have passed and I already have answers for these ponderings.

You are an adorable little man. You amuse everyone with the things you say and the conciseness with which you say it. You are my world. I would do anything to make this the best world it can be for you. Be that protecting you from the nasties, or pushing through my own limits to make your day a happy and memorable one.

I know as you grow you will continue to amaze me and teach me as much as I teach you. Your personality is becoming so quirky and cheeky. You also have an exceptional talent for repeating what you hear. From coming into the kitchen to tell Daddy he is scum (think you may have overheard Mummy and Daddy commenting on one another’s pop offs). To getting upset because the moon disappeared whilst we are driving. I love your world. You can argue that a hat is not a hat, or be mesmerised for ages by a ladybird (who we have fondly named Gaston, after a character from one of your favourite shows Ben and Holly’s little Kingdom).

I love you dots and dots (not a typo, something mummy started when you were tiny, to be different).
I hope this, being the first birthday you are fully aware of, has been as fantastic as Mummy and Daddy wanted it to be for you. And there’s still more to come.

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