A week of surprises. 

This has been one week of surprises. Not huge ones, to some. And no I’m not about to make THAT announcement either (rolls eyes). No….. I’m talking about the little surprises. The ones that leave you in amazement. 
This week I have been in awe of the fabulously clever, albeit mischievous little guy my George is becoming. Let’s start with the wonderfulness that Monday brought after my sister gave birth to a beautiful new niece. Having not found out the baby’s sex during her pregnancy, we were delightfully surprised with the news she had had another little girl. Showing George the gorgeous pictures we received of the new addition, I cunningly asked him, who he thought it was. To which his answer was “baby”. I said its your new cousin. His answer was “pretty baby”. That instantly went into the mental memory box of ‘this moment just made my heart melt’. Such a simple statement, made so much more beautiful by the realisation that my son was growing into a very polite and complimenting little dude. 

Tuesday brought with it a trip to the local gymnastics club where it was marvellous to watch George interacting with the other toddlers with a smile. An impromptu giggling peekaboo session with one of his pals was so much fun to see. And such a surprise as he usually wanders around in his own little world, scowling at any child that attempts to interact with him. 
Wednesday George went with Daddy for a big boys haircut at the barbers, as opposed to Mummy’s hairdressers. It filled me with dread as I anxiously anticipated him returning with a stubbly head. I wasn’t ready to part ways with his beautiful baby locks that I regularly brushed and ran my fingers through. Daddy, having been well prepped by myself, was very kind to my anxieties and made sure his beautiful locks were honoured and retained. As I visited my new niece, I received a picture of George fresh out of the barbers sporting his new razored crop. Still enough hair on top for me to indulge myself in but a lot tidier and shorter which felt essential for such a sweaty little boy. 

Thursday and Friday were fun filled days full of activities with friends but lacking in surprises. On Saturday we visited our nephew for birthday celebrations. George having always been very dubious and pretty much against bouncy castles and slides, was suddenly presented with the two combined. After some short observation and gentle coaxing, he was soon running around inside, screaming and giggling with the other children. He then got hugely excited to be given full permission to climb up the bouncy slide from the bottom. Having achieved this rather effortlessly, he then turned around and slid down it. Without protest or tears. This turned into a game which led to him coming down the slide in various positions including head first. “So what!”I hear you tut. But having been opposed to this notion of play for the past 20 months, it was a huge achievement for our little boy and a lovely surprise for us. 

And finally. We rounded off the week with a visit to the local canal, returning home in time to see Andy Murray become Wimbledon champion 2016. Unbeknownst to me, George had been enjoying watching the tennis the day before with his daddy and had learnt to say “tennis” and “racket”. Tuning into the final, my hubbie asked George what it was we were watching, just as the player was making a serve. “Service” was George’s reply! Stunned, I asked hubbie if he had taught him this, to which I was informed he hadn’t. A huge coincidence I’m sure, and I’m aware he picks up on a lot more than we are aware of, so there is every chance he had heard it said by the commentators and we had missed it. Nonetheless it was a happy surprise to round off the week. 

Parenthood can bring with it some unpleasant surprises, leaky nappies, finding your son splashing in someone’s else’s wee in a public potty, catching him picking his dropped raisins up off the public loo floor and going to eat them. But when you are watching your child develop, learn and grown, there’s a certain wonderment that can only be described as the best present you have ever received. 
Until next time……


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